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Understanding the Surface of Your Roof

Many people don’t realize how harsh of an environment the surface of a roof can be.  In the heat of summer, temperatures can climb up to 150° or more.  Some materials, such as slate, can actually become too hot to even touch.  Likewise, in the brutally cold winter, a roof surface temperature can drop below freezing.  Significant weather variations can be tough on your roof!

Summer_Winter_Roof surface_072414

In addition to the extreme temperatures in a given season, the surface must also withstand all forms of precipitation, including wind, rain, ice, snow, sleet and hail.  During hurricane season especially, sometimes a combination of these elements can cause significant damage.

Under such conditions, any given roof may be subject to failure if it is not receiving the proper maintenance on a regular basis.

For roofers, working on a roof can also be highly dependent on the weather.  If the temperature is too hot, certain repairs such as coatings, slate and shingle repairs cannot effectively be performed because the roof surface will not respond well under the high temperatures.    Likewise, some roofing materials can be extremely brittle and easily damaged when cold.

Imagine if you never cleaned or maintained the surface of your counter-tops or floors in your home.  What would they look like today?  The same goes for your roof, only your roof is designed to withstand much more extreme conditions.  Regular maintenance to your roof will help you maximize your investment until it is due for replacement.

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