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Our Founder’s Thoughts on Residential Roofing

Most houses have shingle roofs. I think shingles are the basic type of roofing in a way although they are not inferior to other types. I have shingles on my home. Many people or companies are installing shingle roofs right now. There are many companies out there for you to choose from, because roofers usually start in the industry first by installing shingles. You can get the job done but…

The trick is to do it right and the manufacturer of each product dictates that. We at Andrews Roofing install shingles and accessories the way the manufacturer says to because they designed them. A shingle will be exposed to weather for a long time, but if you want the whole roof system to perform well, last a long time, and look nice you have to install it correctly and use the correct parts, etc. We have been installing residential and commercial shingle roofs since 1997. We are certified to install the products we sell & use.

The only way we can ensure that we put forth our best effort to accomplish this is to have a superintendent present on every job. The superintendent makes sure the installers are doing it right. And yes, we make mistakes but when that happens we will fix it on the spot or return and take care of it.

This short piece of information is what I want all prospective customers to know and to know that behind this “effort” there is a support staff of administrators, managers & estimators, that take their jobs very seriously!

One more note:
Andrews Roofing has a Class A ROOFING License because ROOFING is what we specialize in. Search online to see. We also have Workers Comp Insurance and well above the necessary general liability insurance to do shingle work and gutters because we install larger commercial roofs as well.

Thank you for the opportunity to serve you!

Please contact us if you have any questions or concerns.

Robert Andrews ll

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