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Day: October 15, 2012

TPO Membrane Roof System

Single-ply roof systems include TPO, P.V.C., E.P.D.M. and some modified bitumen assemblies. TPO or thermo-polyolifin is currently driving the flat or low slope roof market and is used on residential, commercial and industrial applications. Because of its lite weight, hot air welded seams, and competitive price many roof consultants consider it to be a great value compared to other roof system options. It comes in 45, 60, 80 mil (.045 ,.060,.080) thicknesses and also comes in a fleece back option. A mil is equal to 1/1000 of an inch. It can be mechanically fastened or fully adhered. It is reinforced for durability. It is white in color and can be bought gray or tan as well. Many consumers believe a white roof is best because it reflects sunlight and heat but sometimes this is not true. If you have trouble cooling a building in summer then a white roof will help of course but with proper attic, roof ventilation and building insulation the color does not matter. Many old buildings do not have either so a white roof does make since especially when you are installing TPO over top of an existing roof. Often the best value is to install a one half inch poly-iso , e.p.s., or high density wood fiber board insulation as recovery board and a TPO membrane roof system right over a built-up roof with gravel.

Firestone Building Products offers workmanship and material warranties from 5 to 30 years. A certified Firestone contractor must install it to get one of these warranties. Many call single-ply roofs rubber roofs. TPO roofs are also easy to repair and easy to install. I (Robert Andrews) believe that because of all of these characteristics ,TPO membrane will continue to be the roof system of choice in most flat or low slope applications for a long time and will even grow in popularity over the years.

Robert Andrews II                                                                                                                     robert@andrewsroofing.com

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