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Most work related deaths are caused by falls or being run over or hit by heavy equipment, as per an O.S.H.A. inspector I talked to last month. The rule is that when working six feet or above the ground one must have fall protection. So, this would include pretty much all roofers all the time. The most common type used is a full body harness. Any good roofing contracting company will have a written safety program which thoroughly covers fall protection. Think about it, even a 1 story residential shingle roof has a 12-14 feet high eave. At the ridge it may be 25 feet or more. A fall from these heights would do some serious damage to the body. There are times when fall protection is not required. One could work on a flat or low slope roof even 50 feet high without it if the parapet wall is 42 inches tall for example.

Bottom line is this: whether a contractor is going to do shingles, metal, flat, single-ply membrane, built-up, commercial, residential,  industrial, roofing replacement or roof repairs for you, make sure they have a written safety program and they have workers’ compensation insurance in case something does happen.

Just about every other year I hear of a local roofer falling to his death. It happens. Be sure it doesn’t happen on your property.

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