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Our Roofing People # 2: Doug Cobbs, Superintendent / Estimator


Over the years I have heard many smart business people say things like, ” It’s all about your people,” or “Your people are your most valuable asset.” During the last several years this idea has really proven to be right on target. Doug Cobbs, our #1 superintendent, is an excellent example.

He simply fits the profile of the men and women we seek to hire and keep at Andrews Roofing. He is married and has three kids and lives in Suffolk. His hobby is his family and he even coaches soccer for his boys. He has been with us since Labor Day 2011, but was in roofing for the ten years prior where he worked his way up from being a helper to being a foreman on a metal installation crew doing many high profile and complicated jobs.

Doug is now the man who makes sure all of our install jobs are done properly and on time by using proper workmanship, good job supervision and a detailed post-job inspection. After he has seen and inspected the final product, we know it’s ready to turn the roof over to the customer and that it will perform well, last a long time and look great too!

He makes sure that our shingle, flat, shake, slate and metal roofs are installed as per the manufacturers’ specifications. Flat or “low slope” roofs include single – ply membrane roofs such as TPO, modified bitumen, and E.P.D.M. He oversees commercial and some residential projects and our # 2 superintendent answers to him on the jobs that he manages.

Personally, Doug’s character is very solid. He tells the truth to his fellow workers and to customers alike. This is very important because a guiding principle at Andres Roofing is: “We do what we say.” He works hard and sometimes long hours to get the job done. Doug does whatever it takes to get the job done, but always makes sure he keeps time for his family and church. I have often said, “Doug would run through a wall for us.” It’s true.

For all these reasons and more we love and appreciate Doug Cobbs as a member of the Andrews Roofing team. I look forward to him being with us for his entire professional career. Doug has become a friend to all who work at our company.

Please contact me if you like! I’d love to talk to you.
Robert Andrews ll, President
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