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Nice Looking Low Slope Roof Option: CertainTeed Flintlastic SA Cap

Many homes and commercial buildings have steep slope roof structures where asphalt shingle roofs, metal roofs, slate roofs, shake roofs, or tile roofs will perform well and last a long time. But sometimes they have a slightly lower pitch and need a low slope roof covering like a single – ply membrane. And other times these lower sloped roofs are porches or room additions attached to a steep slope roof.

White TPO membrane roofs are driving the market along with E.P.D.M. and P.V.C. membrane roof systems.

So what if you have a low slope roof that is just sloped enough that it is visible from the ground or a window above and you don’t want a regular membrane roof for aesthetic reasons? A practical, cost effective and aesthetically pleasing option is a granular surfaced modified bitumen membrane roof. I personally like the self adhered type.

By” granular surfaced,” I mean it has the same surface as a shingle. It is covered in granules and comes in different colors. It comes in a approximately 36 inch wide roll and sticks down to the plywood roof sheathing. I recommend one, or even two layers of self adhered base sheet be put down first for best performance and longevity.

This product comes with up to a 20 year warranty and you can closely match your adjacent shingle or other type of roofing with it. I prefer to use CertainTeed Flintlastic SA Cap as a brand.  It comes in 7 colors. This system is not for a flat roof. You must have positive drainage to use it. I would not use it if there is any ponding or puddling of water on a roof after rain.

Please call me if you want to talk about this roof system or any other.

Robert Andrews II