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An Ounce of Prevention…

Welcome to the Andrews Roofing blog.  This is Robert, Owner and President. I am writing this blog. My associates will be part of the team that does future blog postings.  With this our first blog, I want you to know that, while you may be a past, present or future customer of Andrews Roofing, we think of you first and foremost as our friends.  We don’t think of ourselves as being in the “roofing business”-rather we are in the “need satisfaction” business. That is what we do for our friends. We help them meet their needs.

I want to focus on some helpful tips now that fall has arrived. The heat of the summer is behind us, but it’s possible that you could have buckled shingles, dried out caulking, or leaking roof penetrations. The wind may have lifted and moved shingles or blown debris onto your roof.  Seams on flat roofs may have failed or drains may have become clogged. With fall and winter approaching, they bring cold weather, higher winds, and blowing leaves and other debris, thereby exposing your roof to additional harm. As your roof continues to be exposed to nature’s elements, your roof integrity can degrade resulting in damage that can go undetected until it becomes a serious problem. It is good to remember that your roof is protecting one of your most valuable assets-your home or commercial building.

We all have learned that preventive maintenance on our cars and trucks can save us money and prolong their useful life.  The same is also true of our roofs which protect an asset which is far more costly than our vehicles.  I encourage you to have your roof inspected at least every two years, or more if your roof is subject to the frequent accumulation of leaves and other debris that can clog drains or otherwise inhibit water removal. Some of you are able to get up on your roof and do the kind of inspection that can save you a lot of money. Others may be more comfortable having a professional do it.  If you would like help from Andrews Roofing,  please call us at (757) 399-3066.

Thank you for visiting our blog.

Robert Andrews II                                                                                                                     robert@andrewsroofing.com